Active Archive

Data archiving cuts costs by moving inactive data from expensive tier-one storage to lower cost storage, but also introduces complexity, additional equipment, additional processes, and delays in accessing data in the archive. On top of that, data from each office needs to be archived separately, or copied and merged with a master archive, adding to the cost and complexity of most archive solutions. Storage bloat is also an issue when updated or similar files are archived again and again.

Archiving holds promise, but with unstructured data growing at 80 percent per year by some estimates, it’s hard to keep up, forcing enterprise IT to buy capacity well ahead of when it’s needed. Accessing archived data can be complex and slow – particularly since solutions like offsite tape require long lead times to retrieve.

What if you could eliminate tape, access archived data much faster, and reduce your total storage footprint?

Panzura’s Active Archive solution, makes archiving dramatically simpler.

Freedom Archive, Panzura’s Active Archive solution, makes archiving dramatically simpler. Panzura provides the freedom to use the cloud storage provider of your choice and creates an authoritative copy of all your archive files in the cloud. With everything archived in the cloud, you can take advantage of unlimited cloud capacity and pay-as-you-go economics, and save time and money by eliminating local tape and offsite archive solutions.

Active Archive provides several benefits:

  • Reduce total storage footprint and cost. Panzura deduplicates archive data so each unique block is stored only once.
  • Eliminate cumbersome tape archives. With Panzura, data is archived directly to the cloud, so there’s no need to ship tapes offsite.
  • Unlimited cloud capacity and pay-as-you-go economics. Panzura lets you take advantage of the cloud and pay-as-you-go, and operate at cloud scale.

Panzura’s Freedom Archive combines cloud economics with a fast local cache to make archiving dramatically simpler, faster, and less expensive. Data is deduplicated and compressed in a fast local cache before it’s sent to the cloud, so each unique block is only sent once, minimizing both cloud storage and bandwidth costs. Panzura Freedom Archive customers spend less on a month of cloud storage than they do on a week of tape backups.