Panzura Technology
Panzura’s technology makes cloud compute and storage appear like it’s a part of your corporate datacenter by solving the networking, security, storage, and authentication issues inherent with trying to take advantage of cloud computing resources. With Panzura, applications can run in the cloud, in the datacenter or in both locations without a single change, and have access to the the same data with our locking, consistent, Global File System.

Panzura provides two solutions that work hand in hand to make the cloud feel like it is “local” and not a separate infrastructure hundreds to thousands of miles away — Panzura SkyBridge and the Panzura Global File System.

Panzura SkyBridge
Panzura SkyBridge transforms the cloud into an extension of your corporate datacenter — a cloud integrated datacenter. SkyBridge automates, orchestrates, and launches all required cloud compute instances, connects corporate files to the cloud, and enables the use of corporate DHCP so that the cloud infrastructure is a part of corporate IP namespace. Panzura SkyBridge gives you:

  • Cloud connectivity. SkyBridge creates a layer 2 network connection between the cloud and corporate datacenter. The cloud is now part of your corporate IP namespace. This enables the use of corporate authentication services without the need for cloud federation.
  • Cloud compute automation. Panzura SkyBridge automates the configuration and deployment of compute instances anywhere in the cloud and makes them look like they are part of your corporate datacenter. You can provision applications like virtual desktops, search, indexing or data analysis in the cloud — on the same files you have in your datacenter.
  • A single locking file system. SkyBridge connects to Panzura’s Global File System, so all of your users are connected to the same set of consistent files whether they’re using a traditional PC, connected to an internally hosted virtual desktop or a cloud hosted virtual desktop — anywhere in the world.

Panzura Global File System
Panzura’s Global File System lets users access and collaborate within the same applications from any office, anywhere in the world like they are in the same room. It looks and acts just like an enterprise NAS, and looks like a standard Windows file share to your applications and users — but unlike traditional NAS or SAN infrastructure, is designed to span offices around the globe. It’s a “NAS in the sky” for the way we work today. The underlying technology of the Panzura GFS includes:

  • Global file and sub-file locking. The heart of our file system is our patented global file locking. It reduces file open and sync times from 20 or 30 minutes to seconds by eliminating the effect of latency. Locking also insures data integrity, even when users from different offices are accessing the same file in real-time.
  • Cloud integration. You choose your cloud and connect it to Panzura. We support most public and private cloud options, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, VMware vCloud Air, EMC Atmos, AT&T Cloud and Cleversafe.
  • Centralized data in the cloud. Panzura’s file system uses the cloud as an authoritative source for the file system. Once data is committed to the cloud, it becomes the authoritative reference copy, letting you use the cloud for backup, archiving and disaster recovery.
  • Global metadata. Each controller has a copy of the metadata for every file in the GFS, so every location has a full view of the files – whether or not the data is there.
  • Global namespace. To work properly as a namespace across sites and the cloud, the Panzura GFS maintains consistent metadata and file locks across all of the distributed nodes.
  • Caching and pinning. The GFS has locality rules to keep active data cached on each controller based on read and write frequency. Hot data is cached on SSDs to guarantee fast access.
  • Global deduplication and compression. Each unique block from a file is stored once, so only one unique copy of a file is preserved by the file system — making storage extremely efficient.
  • Military-grade security. Panzura is FIPS 140-2 certified and uses military grade AES 256-bit encryption. Your data is secured at rest, in transit and in the cloud.