Unstructured data is growing out of control and most of that data is inactive — 70% of it hasn’t been touched in 2 months and 90% hasn’t been touched in 6 months. Cloud storage could provide a great alternative to continuing with the outdated, traditional storage model if it wasn’t for the latency between from the cloud to offices and data center locations.

Panzura Freedom NAS™ transforms cloud storage into primary file storage, combining the performance and features of an enterprise NAS with the economics and unlimited capacity of the cloud. Like Freedom Archive™, Freedom NAS centralizes file data in the cloud, while keeping active data cached close to the users or applications.

When you combine cloud storage availability and redundancy of along with Panzura’s Integrated Snapshots, Freedom NAS not only replaces your local Windows Filer or NAS, but also eliminates the need for separate backup, DR, and archive systems for that data as well as WAN acceleration and expensive private networks needed for replication.

Freedom NAS centralizes all your file data in the cloud, while keeping active data cached on Freedom Filer™ appliances close to the users. This modern cloud plus cache model is simpler, faster, and less expensive than deploying traditional primary, backup, and archive storage at each site. Panzura provides the freedom to use the cloud storage provider of your choice, public or private, and frees you from the capital and operational overhead of the storage status quo.

Freedom NAS provides a Global Namespace across locations and comes in two options:

  • The Primary/Secondary option enables two locations to have read/write capability locally and read capability at other location, similar to a NetApp NAS system at each location with SnapMirror replicating to the second location.
  • The Multisite option takes that same concept to a larger number of offices. Every location has read/write capability locally and read capability at other locations.

Freedom NAS solution provides several benefits:

  • Eliminate inefficient local NAS and file servers at each office. Panzura turns your choice of public or private cloud storage into a giant “NAS in the sky” and makes it the authoritative source for all your file data, while files feel like they’re local for every user.
  • Remove local backups or cumbersome tapes. Cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have 11 nines of durability and are architected with redundancy to withstand the loss of two data centers without data interruption, so you can consolidate backup and tape archive operations to the cloud.
  • Pay-as-you-go. With cloud, you only pay your cloud provider for the storage you need, so you can take advantage of the falling price of cloud storage, and immediately scale your cloud instance to best suit your data needs.

Freedom NAS features include:

  • All tiers of storage in one. Since all of your data lives in the cloud, it’s automatically protected by your cloud provider. No more backup, no more tape, no more replication for DR.
  • Deduplication and compression. This means much more efficient storage and backup, more room for files, less data sent over your network, and best of all — lower cloud storage costs.
  • Intelligent caching. Active data is cached on each Filer, speeding up performance when users access data.
  • Cloud-backed with 11 nines of availability. Panzura connects to a public or private cloud of your choice and uses it as the authoritative copy of all your files.
  • Snapshots. We snapshot the entire file system so there’s no need to manage snapshots on a volume or share basis. We support up to 10,000 snapshots, or 1 per day for 27 years.
  • Extended access control lists (ACLs) for granular permissions-based file access.
  • Security that three letter agencies trust. Our customers include the NIST, the organization that certifies FIPS. Why? Panzura is FIPS 140-2 certified with AES-256 bit encryption, so your data is secure at rest and in- flight, whether it’s on a local Filer or in the cloud.
  • Global Namespace. Visibility of all files to all users at all times with no change to user workflows.

Freedom NAS is simply a smarter storage model. For more information, download the Freedom NAS datasheet or the Freedom Product Line solution brief.