With undeniable economic and reliability benefits, IT departments in every industry are moving forward with some type of cloud-first initiatives. Whether that means using cloud storage for active archive, hybrid cloud NAS, or cross-site collaboration, Panzura Freedom Filers provide the performance and expandability required to replace the traditional, antiquated storage architecture with a modern, hybrid cloud storage model.

Freedom Filers seamlessly connect enterprise data centers or office locations with either public or private cloud storage, replacing on-premise primary, backup, DR and archiving systems and processes. Islands of storage are eliminated by consolidating all tiers of local unstructured data into the cloud under a Global Namespace – all without any changes to user workflows. Users access files the same way they always have.

Designed for performance, Freedom Filers leverage integrated flash memory to serve data to local users as quickly as possible. Freedom Filers can also be deployed in the cloud as an in-cloud NAS mount point to make the cloud an extension of the data center.

Freedom Filers, along with Freedom Archive, Freedom NAS, or Freedom Collaboration, seamlessly combine the economics, unlimited capacity, and pay as you grow business model of cloud storage with the flexibility, performance, and features of enterprise storage.

Panzura Freedom Filer Models

A Freedom Filer is installed at each site and connects to the public or private cloud storage of your choice. Freedom Filers scale from thousands of users in a single site to tens of thousands of users across global offices. They are available as a physical or virtual appliance in different configurations, designed for everything from branch offices with light usage to large office locations. All Freedom Filers use enterprise server-grade hardware and solid state drives (SSD) to assure fast file access and can be expanded with additional capacity. A Freedom Filer can also be hosted in the cloud as an in-cloud NAS mount point.

Panzura Freedom Filers are used in conjunction with Freedom Archive, Freedom NAS, and Freedom Collaboration. Models include:

  • The Freedom FD-5100 Filer is designed for small and medium office environments, and can support up to 150 active users each.
  • The Freedom FD-5300 Filer is the performance workhorse of our lineup, with both in-chassis and shelf expandability, was designed for medium to large offices up to 1,200 active users.
  • The Freedom FD-5500 Filer is optimized for environments with large data footprints. It provides maximum expandability, has in-chassis expansion capability, and can support up to 1,200 active users.
  • The  Freedom FD-VM Filer can run on your existing VMware vSphere infrastructure, and can be sized based on your environment. VM controllers can support up to 500 active users each.
  • The  Freedom FD-C Filer run as compute instances in the cloud and connect into the same global file system as all of your offices. FD-C instances are currently available for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.