Panzura Freedom Archive™ provides Hybrid Cloud Storage tuned for active archive workloads, providing a superior alternative to archiving with tape or local disk. Freedom Archive supports CIFS/NFS interfaces to integrate seamlessly with standard archiving tools, making it easy to transfer data to cloud storage. Unlike traditional archiving to tape or local disk, archiving to the cloud maintains online access to data, allowing rapid retrieval whenever needed. Leveraging cloud archiving dramatically improves archiving access and cost while providing a platform that can scale up or down as needed, never oversubscribing, and eliminating the need for forward provisioning or capacity planning.

Panzura provides the freedom to use the cloud storage provider of your choice and creates an authoritative copy of all your archive files in the cloud. With everything archived in the cloud, you save time and money by eliminating tape, local backups, and offsite replication.

Data is deduplicated and compressed before it’s sent to the cloud, so each unique block is only sent once and stored once, minimizing both cloud storage and bandwidth costs. Panzura’s customers typically spend less on a month of cloud storage than they do on a week of tape backups.


Freedom Archive has four industry packages:  

Freedom Archive for Surveillance Video: Active Archiving of surveillance video typically caching active files needed by video management systems on high-performance flash appliances and storing the inactive files on inexpensive object storage.

Freedom Archive for Medical Imaging: Retain less-frequently accessed imaging data with unlimited object storage capacity and a fast local cache.  

Freedom Archive for Seismic Data: Store large seismic data files using less expensive object storage with unlimited capacity while enabling continued access to that data at any time.

Freedom Archive for Secure Data: Secure archiving of sensitive files from industries such as legal, financial, or government that require end-to-end FIPS 140-2 certification and the ability to access those files on-demand.

Freedom Archive features include:

  • Deduplication and compression. This means much more efficient storage and backup, more room for files, less data sent over your network, and best of all — lower cloud storage costs.
  • Intelligent caching. Active data is cached on each Panzura Freedom Filer™, speeding up performance when users access data.
  • Cloud-backed with 11 nines of availability. Panzura connects to a public or private cloud of your choice and uses it to store the authoritative copy of all your files.
  • Offsite protection without all the mess. No more storing tapes or drives offsite. Panzura makes the cloud a single target for all archiving.
  • Support for database and VMDK archiving. Panzura lets you use the cloud to archive VMware VMDK files and direct Oracle or SQL database dumps.
  • Full support of snapshots for data versioning and retention.
  • Extended access control lists (ACLs) for granular permissions-based file access.
  • Security that three letter agencies trust. Our customers include the NIST, the organization that certifies FIPS. Why? Panzura is FIPS 140-2 certified with AES-256 bit encryption, so your data is secure at rest and in- flight, whether it’s on a local Filer or in the cloud.

Freedom Archive is available as a virtual appliance or on a Panzura 5500 series Filer. A 30 day free trial of the Freedom Archive virtual appliance is available with details on this page.

For more information, download the Freedom Archive datasheet or the Freedom family solution brief.