The Panzura Global File System was designed from the ground up to provide cloud integration and NAS-like functionality in a transparent, simple-to-use architecture that scales across locations, capacity, and users.  Tightly integrated with a unified namespace, this scale out storage solution is the core technology embedded in each Panzura Controller.  Designed with the needs of today’s distributed organizations in mind, it presents the same file system view to all Panzura Controllers that are a part of the Global File System, regardless of their geographical location.  This enables project workflow sharing on common data sets without having to remove files from their native storage environment where they are robustly protected, or having to figure out how to distribute content and maintain synchronization.

Panzura Global File System


The Panzura Global File System simply works without users or administrators having to do anything – files can be browsed, opened, and edited as needed, regardless of where they were created or last accessed.   Global File Locking ensures access to information in the Global File System is governed by the same rules found in a standard filer.  Users will never create conflicting changes and administrators will never have to figure out how to synchronize sites to each other.  Key features of this solution include:

  • A globally-distributed file system that tracks both local and cloud-based file versions and locations
  • A unified namespace interwoven with the file system that makes adding additional controllers or even additional office locations transparent and seamless, enabling local and global scale out that is both fast and non-disruptive.  When a new controller or location is added to the file system, all users at all locations simply see these new locations as new directories in their file system view and have immediate access to all files from the new controller or location.  Scaling is simple, painless, and quick.
  • Global File Locking ensures that all files in the Global File System are available to all users real time while protecting files from corruption due to different users trying to simultaneously write to the same file name.  File locking has proven to be the Achilles’ heel of other “distributed” file systems.  Some self-proclaimed global cloud storage solutions specifically note that file locking is not supported while mainstream “sharing and collaboration” solutions avoid the topic entirely, hoping users do not raise the issue.  Panzura designed the entire file system architecture around robust, distributed, and seamless locking, offering the first true NAS-like experience in a cloud-based globally-distributed file system.  See File Locking whitepaper for more details.
  • Snapshots that are used extensively to update file status, namespace entries, and payload changes, enable user-managed file recovery capability, and provide inherent data protection and DR.  Up to 10,000 user-managed snapshots are available per controller for unprecedented user flexibility and data management.
  • Metadata that is decoupled from payloads and used to minimize file system overhead, bandwidth consumption, and capacity requirements while maintaining LAN-like performance for local users.
  • Full, fundamental cloud integration, making it simple and easy to experience the full range of benefits of cloud storage while avoiding the pitfalls that have traditionally hampered enterprise cloud adoption.

For an in-depth description of each of these capabilities, see our library of white papers.