The Panzura Global File System transforms cloud storage, public or private, into a high-performance, globally distributed file system. The Panzura Global File System (GFS) looks and behaves just like a local, locking Windows filer to users, but is backed by a central cloud data repository and can span hundreds of sites. It’s simpler, faster and less expensive than deploying primary, backup and archive storage at each site, and running WAN optimization over private networks.

Applications that were developed to work on a LAN now work just as well across distributed office locations connected across a WAN. Panzura’s patented global file locking overcomes the effect of latency between offices, eliminating the “file open” problem for CAD or similar applications. This gives users LAN-like performance at every office, even though users are all accessing the same centralized files — no matter where the users are based. Users in different offices around the world can collaborate like they’re in the same room on the same files and applications at the same time.

The Panzura GFS runs on the Panzura Cloud Controllers and connects to public or private cloud storage of your choice. The GFS features include:

  • Global file and element locking. Part of Panzura’s magic is file locking. It lets users from New York, Paris and London all work together like they’re in the same room.
  • File integrity everywhere. Global file locking also makes sure files are locked when they’re in use so you don’t have to worry about corrupt files or managing different versions.
  • Global metadata. Each controller has a copy of the metadata for every file, making file access and locking fast for every user.
  • Intelligent caching. Active data is cached on flash storage in each controller, speeding up performance when users access data.
  • Cloud-backed. The Panzura GFS connects to a public or private cloud of your choice and uses it to store the authoritative copy of all your files.
  • All tiers of storage in one. Since all of your data lives in the cloud, it’s automatically protected by your cloud provider. No more backup, no more tape, no more replication for DR.
  • Deduplication and compression. This means much more efficient storage, more room for files, less data sent over your network and best of all — lower cloud storage costs.
  • Fast sync for large files. Thanks to intelligent caching and deduplication, even multi-gigabyte files synchronize in just a few minutes.
  • Global snapshots. We snapshot the entire file system so there’s no need to manage snapshots on a volume or share basis. We support up to 10,000 snapshots, or 1 per day for 27 years.
  • Security that three letter agencies trust. Our customers include the U.S. Department of Justice and NIST, the organization that certifies FIPS. Why? Panzura is FIPS 140-2 certified with AES-256 bit encryption, so your data is secure at rest and in- flight, whether it’s on a local controller or in the cloud. There’s no need for separate cloud security gateways.


Panzura Global File System


The Panzura Global File System can be deployed in physical or virtual appliances, or in the cloud.

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