Cloud Storage Controller

The Panzura Quicksilver Cloud Storage Controller is a premium on-premise appliance that acts as the interface to the global file system.  Available in both virtual and physical form factors, the Quicksilver controller can be deployed as a single instance or as a cluster to provide custom levels of local capacity and performance up to 4TB/hr throughput.

The appliance is available in VMware ESX virtual, 1U, and 2U form factors.  In addition, expansion shelves are available to scale local capacity as needed, providing large local caching capability.

Controllers come in a variety of internal configurations to suit different use cases.  A mix of HDDs (for capacity) and SSDs (for performance) are available, and local data is protected with RAID-5.  For connectivity, 1Gbps ports are standard with 10 Gbps speeds available as an option.  Redundant hardware systems and hot-swappable drives ensure uninterrupted operation.

Should a controller be lost, all other controllers still have access to the files the failed controller owned.  In addition, the failed controller’s data can be rebuilt on a replacement virtual or physical controller from data stored in the cloud for rapid recovery.