Thank you for your interest in Freedom Archive from Panzura. Freedom Archive combines cloud economics with a fast local cache to make archiving dramatically simpler, faster, and less expensive — all with the freedom to use the cloud provider of your choice.

Utilizing Freedom Archive, organizations generating significant amounts of data can dramatically improve access and costs through a platform that scales up or down as needed, eliminates oversubscribing, and removes the need for forward provisioning or capacity planning.

As part of the Freedom Archive launch, IBM Cloud is offering up to 10 terabytes of free storage for 30 days and Amazon Web Services is offering up to 10 terabytes of free storage for 14 days.

The Panzura Freedom Archive virtual machine (vm) package is available at the links provided below. A Quick Start Guide is available to help you get started.

As outlined in the Quick Start Guide, once the vm has been deployed and the Panzura Web-based User interface is available, you will need to send Panzura the 36 character “system identifier” (also known as the CCID) of your vm. The quick start guide will walk you through getting the “system identifier” (CCID) needed to complete the form below. Once the form is submitted Panzura will send you the trial licenses required to activate your Freedom Archive vm.

To install the licenses please refer to the instructions for uploading and installing them in the Quick Start Guide provided. The Quick Start guide will outline step by step instructions on downloading, installing, booting, licensing and configuring your trial Freedom Archive vm.

Again, thank you for your interest in Panzura. Please let us know how we can help get you started or answer any questions by emailing us at

The Panzura Team

The Freedom Archive Quick Start Guide instructions are available here.

Go here to download the vm package or open your vSphere client and select “Deploy OVF Template” from the File menu. In the dialogue box labeled “Deploy from file or URL” field enter the following URL and click the “Next” button.

Download and follow the Quick Start Guide instructions from the link above to complete the installation, licensing and configuration of your Freedom Archive Controller.

Once you retrieved your “system identifier” (CCID) as mentioned above please fill out and submit the below form to receive your free 30-day trial license. You will receive an email confirming that we have received your request and are processing it. This might take a few minutes. If you have more than one request please don’t submit a new request until you’ve received the confirmation email. Please contact us at should you encounter any issues.

Read more about Freedom Archive.