The State of File-based Storage

I read with interest the recent TechTarget interview of Evaluator Group’s Randy Kerns on what is happening with file based storage.  It was a great summary of the trends and pressures we are hearing about from prospects on almost a daily basis.  In a nutshell, these are the key points I gleaned from the interview:

  • File data growth is exploding faster than block data, in particular from big data
  • NAS systems are one of the best storage targets for this data but they have limitations
  • Adding more storage can create isolated islands across which one can’t optimize well
  • Scale out and clustered NAS address some of these problems but only partly
  • Capital cost amortization can make storage management tremendously challenging
  • File-sharing has great potential but mainstream technology limits its effectiveness
  • Object storage (file-based storage plus metadata) provides a strong platform for file storage
  • Applications don’t speak object storage today, so you need a NAS-like target that speaks object storage

Voila, Panzura Global Cloud Storage System!  As a Panzura marketing guy, of course I “see” Panzura in every article I read.  But I was struck by how well our solution aligns with this progression of thought.  It also explains why IT leaders get so excited about what we can do for them.

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