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Cloud News of the Week – February 13, 2017

How SMBs can lead the innovation race with cloud technology

Techworld Australia

By Aniqa Tariq

Small and medium sized businesses’ (SMBs) increasing adoption of cloud-based enterprise technology is transforming the way they compete with larger firms, enter new markets, and drive higher levels of productivity and innovation. Australian SMBs have been quick to embrace the democratisation of technology, with IDC forecasting SMBs will increase expenditure on IT hardware, software and services by more than a $100 billion over the next four years.

Building the blockchain of success: How cloud is at the heart of it

Cloud Tech

By Pat McCool

Blockchain is the new buzzword on the block; and while many business leaders, managers, developers and IT departments are Googling it and left scratching their heads, others are wising up to it, are realising how brilliant it is, and are recognising the opportunity it’s going to bring and the potential impact it will have.
If we put aside the tech behind it and focus on what it can do, it’s actually capable of disrupting many industries and bringing new innovations not only into finance, but also property, automotive, music, trading and healthcare.

Hybrid cloud: What it is, what it does and hybrid cloud use cases

Tech Target

By Marissa Comeau

Hybrid cloud is one of the biggest buzzwords in IT today, but what exactly is a hybrid cloud, and how should you implement it? Learn that and more with this hybrid cloud primer.
Hybrid cloud has been on the tip of nearly every IT professional’s tongue since the concept first hit the scene…

Going all-in with the cloud


By Mark Samuels

How far can organisations go in terms of pushing applications to the cloud? The simply answer, at least according to industry research, is that there is almost no end to the potential use of on-demand IT.
Eighty per cent of companies draw some of their revenues from cloud-based applications, according to equity specialist North Bridge. That reliance on the cloud is significant but even more remarkably as many as 42 per cent of businesses suggest the cloud is now the source of a majority of their revenue.

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