With Panzura Freedom 7, the chaos of yesterday is now transformed into the simplicity and control that you require

Bringing Control to Unstructured Data Chaos

The explosion of unstructured data growth is quickly outpacing the scale and operational limits of traditional storage systems…and it has thrown unstructured data management into a state of chaos. According to Gartner, “Infrastructure and Operations leaders have identified ‘managing data growth to support business demands as the top storage concern for 2017.’” And the growth of unstructured data is outpacing structured data at least 4:1.

Below you have a typical storage implementation for unstructured data. It has NAS, archive, backup, disaster recovery, MPLS, WAN optimization, and file sync and share, all replicated at multiple sites. The proliferation of technologies required to manage all of the unstructured data growth has literally crippled most OPEX and CAPEX budgets. There has to be a better way.

typical storage implementation for unstructured data

There is! Today we announced Panzura Freedom 7. It is a breakthrough in managing unstructured data across a global enterprise. It delivers 10x performance and scale, expanded data center workloads support (including high-performance NFSv4), deployment on any platform and any cloud, automated, centralized management, and unmatched cloud data protection. So what does that mean? You can transform your legacy storage — gaining the economics, scalability, and durability of the cloud…without sacrificing performance.

With Panzura Freedom 7, the chaos of yesterday is now transformed into the simplicity and control that you require:

Freedom 7 Simplicity and Control

Purpose Built for the Cloud
How do we achieve this? Deliver a file system and hybrid cloud platform purpose-built for the cloud. This isn’t easy. You can’t just take a legacy file system and bolt it onto the cloud. It doesn’t work.

The seventh generation Panzura Cloud File System was born in the cloud and underpins Freedom 7. It is a scale-out, distributed file system with intelligent data services that are backed by 26 patents. These industry leading services include:

  • Global Namespace Across Datacenters
  • Real-time Distributed Locking
  • Global Deduplication and Compression
  • Workload QoS
  • Distributed Metadata Management
  • Global Snapshots and Data Protection
  • Military-grade Encryption

With the Panzura Cloud File System and Freedom 7, applications and users get local data center performance with no impact on how they do business. And organizations save up to 70% in managing their unstructured data.

Innovations that Matter
With the software-defined Freedom 7, organizations can now go from inception to managing unstructured data in production in only minutes, a process that used to take organization months in the old storage model.

That is a significant advantage, and there are many more. For example, next time one of your users gets hit by a Crypto-type virus, you can quickly restore to a known good configuration, all the way down to the file level…which means near-instant recovery.

Panzura Freedom 7 also delivers unmatched performance at global scale. Not only do we provide workload QoS and leverage NVRAM for high-performance NFS, we also provide full saturation of bandwidth with our patented global deduplication, compression and SmartSynch technology for the highest level of performance in a hybrid cloud storage platform. This means uncompromised data center performance with cloud scale and economics.

And these breakthroughs are managed in Freedom 7’s new automated, centralized management UI. Designed from the ground up, the new management provides unprecedented views to your unstructured data world and everything can be automated through the Panzura REST API. Unlike others who have a single point of failure, our centralized management has the same durability as our entire Panzura Freedom Family.

Today and Tomorrow
Panzura Freedom 7 represents a true breakthrough in the industry. It is the foundation to bring control to the chaos today and the springboard for new innovations tomorrow for further data services (hint index, search, analytics…).

Take a test drive of Freedom 7 with a demo today, and let me know what you think.

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