The Panzura Global File System and Microsoft Azure Storage enable enterprises to treat their globally disbursed operations as one infinitely large workgroup. Using Panzura’s patented global file locking technology and Azure’s cloud storage enables companies to keep the in-office performance they need while centralizing their data with infinite scalability, better cost models, and a higher level of security. Panzura works with Microsoft Azure to provide the storage fabric that solves cross-site collaboration issues with latency and bandwidth sensitive applications and provides all tiers of storage.

The Panzura Global File System:

  • Eliminates storage islands
  • Enables cross-site collaboration
  • Increases productivity for distributed teams
  • Provides all tiers of storage – Active, Archive, and Backup

WHITE PAPER: Global Cloud-Integrated Storage

This informational white paper explores the history of storage advancements related to data access, where they have fallen short of meeting the needs of today’s global enterprise, the challenges faced by administrators attempting to enable information sharing across their organization, and how you can addresses this growing need with powerful, yet and easy-to-deploy global file system and cloud storage.

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